Kens Photowalk #1 – Lower Manhattan Street Art

Those who know me, know I love taking photographs. I’m not an expert, don’t think of myself as an expert, and – at my age – realize it may be too late to ever become one.

But, I do love photography. I love that it takes me outside of the day-to-day – the trials & tribulations of everyday life.

To that end, I often take myself off with a camera and a goal. These are my photowalks. It could be my dSLR, my Point & Shoot, or even just my cellphone – it doesn’t matter, just as long as I have some means of recording those things I go in search of. I figure I’ll try to post the more productive of these photowalks to perhaps inspire others to get out there & take some pictures…

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is Street Art/Urban Art/Graffiti. The wide variations in color, style, composition, and subject matter are ready-made photographic subjects (and look cool on Instagram!).

With very little effort, you can have a bunch of dynamic pictures to add to your collection.

The photowalk premise is simple: have a camera, have a subject in mind, and pick a destination. I usually research my subject matter and the locations that might be most profitable to me, in advance. I’ll make a few notes, and maybe pin a few locations on Google Maps, and off I go…

So, last Thursday, I decided I wanted to get some pictures of some new Street Art that I’d seen/heard about on social media, so that’s what I went looking for!

It helps to have a general plan, but I find it’s good to remain somewhat flexible, so that you can adapt to circumstances and perhaps achieve more than you had originally set out to do.

I decided to focus on the Lower East Side/SoHo area, based on my research. So, Thursday morning, I took the subway down to 14th St., from my job up in HarlemYou , and basically kept my eyes peeled for whatever I could find in the way of Urban Art…

I went armed with my Canon Powershot G12 Point & Shoot – a 12.1MP camera with a 6X zoom & Optical Image Stabilization, and my Samsung S7 Edge cellphone, which is also capable of taking excellent images. In fact – I dare anybody to be able to tell which of the photos below were taken with a camera or my cellphone!

Anyway, enough talk – here’s the cream of the crop from my walk…

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