Local Tourism #1 – Untermeyer Park, in Yonkers, NY

This post would’ve been a comparative taste test of 2 different brands of Cheese Curls, but one of us (and she will not be named!) ate the whole bag of one of the competing brands, so that can’t happen now!

Instead, we will just have to post our first post on the subject of ‘Local Tourism’. We think of this as those little-known, but close to home locations that are not typical of their surrounding locales. Today, we present Untermeyer Park on North Broadway, in Yonkers, NY. It’s a favorite location for wedding and graduation photos, as well as hiking, picnics, and contemplation. We only had our cellphones to take pictures on this visit, but we will come back with a proper camera really soon. However, but we hope these pictures give an idea of how very nice this urban oasis actually is…

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