Kens Photowalk #2 – Having a One-Lens Day…

img_2415-3-e1530355233786Decided to go downtown Manhattan and take some photos with just a 12mm f2.8 Rokinon wide-angle lens on my Canon Rebel T6s DSLR camera. NO OTHER LENSES!

This is a manual-focus lens, so – my basic plan was (initially, and only very temporarily, as it turned out!) to shoot in shutter-priority, ISO 200, and set the lens to f2.8 at the infinity focus mark. White Balance on the camera was set to ‘cloudy’, and I’d trust the camera (for the most part) with the rest of the details.


…So, I walked down from 5th Ave & 26th st. to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, taking pictures along the way.

I took a total of 117 shots, which I sorted down to 19 finalists, then, after a little editing in the Snapseed app (available for Apple AND Android devices), I ended up with the following 14  pictures for this post:



1. No matter what your intentions, you will have to adapt and change your settings according to the scene/location/ambient light. After reviewing initial shots, I ended up taking 2-3 more shots in certain instances, with a bunch of different settings, in the hope of getting just 1 decent exposure.

2. It isn’t easy being confined to just one focal length for a day. Many times I wanted more reach, or less fish-eye distortion effect, but that just wasn’t an option.

3. I HATE manual focusing! I know autofocus is lazy and doesn’t always focus on the exact spot you want it to, but as I am 55 this year, and need glasses to read (or to check focus!) – autofocus is my necessary crutch to lean on. I don’t have the time, nor the patience, to figure out focal distance, depth of field, etc…I pay good money for the amazing Canon engineers to create cameras & lenses that can do all that for me!
I find the picture, let the camera do the rest.

So, this walk taught me nothing that I didnt’t really already know. Autofocus is an amazing technology, Fisheye lenses are fun, but not suited to all situations, and I reminded myself just how tedious it is to have to pay attention to every setting for every different shot. I like having my camera set to Aperture-Priority, and I’ll adjust the ISO as needed – let the camera do the rest!

…but, that’s just me.



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