We keep hearing people prattle on about their Dry Months, their Keto Diets, their Cleansing Purges, etc.

Well – we’re not the sorts to be doing Keto, or any other fad diets, and, as for cleansing – Gabby does some weird, juicy, gingery, smoothie type drinks that seem to accomplish said mission, while the last time Ken did a purge/cleanse was in preparation for a colonoscopy!

However – we thought we’d take on an alcohol-free month, just to see if we could actually do it.

…And I’m happy to say that we now know we are fully capable of abstaining. We just don’t really know what the point was…

Perhaps our livers & kidneys are sparkly clean, and nicely rejuvenated, but we don’t really feel that.

You know what we actually feel like?

We feel like we’d like to have a drink, is how we feel! In fact, we’ve been feeling like that since about the second day!

Ken bought a 6-pack of O’Douls, the first day. This is an alcohol-free beer that accomplishes the useless task of making you want a real beer even more – so that was a failed experiment in finding a placebo.

If it proves you’re not a functional alcoholic, then it proved that.

If you’re supposed to feel miraculously renewed, pure, and energized – Nah! It didn’t do that for us…unless those are different words for cranky, evil, and unhappy. THAT is all we feel.

Now, it could be that going alcohol-free at the same time that we embarked on a weight-loss campaign is what has us surly & grouchy, but I guarantee you that a good Gin & Tonic would put a smile right back on our faces immediately.

Anyway, we tried (it), we dried (out), and we died (a little inside our very souls)!

Perhaps the wondrous benefits of not drinking for a month are subtle and not glaringly obvious. Perhaps we are reborn as super-humans, as a result of our discipline – and… more probably – not.

But we did it, and now it’s done.

Thank goodness!

Would we recommend it to people as a thing to do? Sure – why not?

Would WE do it again? Hell, nah!!

But, as in anything – YMMV!

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