This was one of those serendipitous discoveries that you just don’t get enough of in life.

We were on a weekend getaway in Nyack, NY, and whilst out walking around – taking in the ambiance, like – we found ourselves inhaling some rather glorious food aromas from a little corner restaurant on Main Street – 248 Main Street, Nyack, NY 10960, to be precise!

Being hungry from all the walking around & ambiance-intaking & stuff, we decided that the math was fairly simple, and so we went in.

And what a great decision it turned out to be – we discovered a great restaurant that we can go to whenever we crave Filipino food, so we’d not have to make our way out to Queens, which until now would’ve been our only real recourse, here in the NYC area, anyway.

KARENDERYA is a cozy little establishment with enough seating available for a good amount of diners – maybe 30, max?

So, the first thing you do is lay claim to a table. Then you get yourself on over to the counter, where you pick up a menu and place your food & drinks order.
Your chosen dishes are cooked to order, then brought out to you at your table.
In the meantime, and in betwixt times, you pick up your cutlery, water, glasses, extra plates, condiments, napkins, etc., from a small station located to the immediate right of the counter. When your meal is ready, it will be brought out to you at your table.

Also, the well-stocked bar portion of the restaurant is located in it’s own semi-partitioned area off to the right-hand side of the main dining room.


Specials are written on a board behind the counter, as well as the social media links, suggested hashtags, and the wi-fi password, so you can spread the word about the good food you’re eating WHILE you eat it!


We have had the ADOBO PORK BELLY (rice bowl), the FRIED CRISPY CHICKEN (rice bowl), and the PORK RIBS SINIGANG, and with every meal, we make sure to always order plenty of the LUMPIANG SHANGHAI (Mini pork eggrolls served with a banana ketchup). We usually get Calamansi juice with basil seeds (Ken) and San Pelegrino water (Gabby), to wash it all down.

It’s totally safe to say that we could easily become addicted to everything on their menu – especially to the chicken, which is nicely crispy on the outside and wonderfully succulent on the inside. Everything we’ve had has been cooked to delicious perfection and served at an ideal temperature. This cuisine is what the term “comfort food” was come up with to describe – relatively simple dishes that transform your whole mood, leaving you quite ready for a lovely post-meal nap!!

We have been twice – the second time with the express intent to order takeout as well – and each time we were happily satisfied with the quality of both the food and the service, AND the food we ate later at home !!

This sentiment was echoed by a good friend & coworker of Ken’s, who lives in the area, and is from the Philippines, and who also recommended this restaurant for us to try. He goes there every now and again with his family & they all enjoy it each time they go.

Not such a good experience was had by one of Gabby’s coworkers, who also hails from the Philippines, but had a very different impression of KARENDERYA. She felt that the service was lacking – her party was left to sit for over 30 minutes before anybody thought to inform them that they had to place their orders at the counter. She wondered if the indifference she experienced was due to her actually being Filipino, so maybe she would tolerate more? More likely it was a problem of increased demand over the ability to supply – as detailed further down below…
As to the food itself, she was not impressed, saying that she literally could (and does) make the dishes better.

Interestingly, when we first went there, they had a lunch AND a dinner service, with just a short break in-between to tool up for the next session.
But, when we went to go back the second time, it was just luck that we double-checked their hours, because they had scaled it back to just the dinner service, starting at 5pm.

We discovered recently that the write-up they got in Esquire Magazine, in 2018, led to a quadrupling of their normal customer volume and they were overwhelmed and had to scale back on their opening hours AND hire & train more staff just to cope & keep up.

Hopefully, they’re getting back on track now, and you should probably have a very pleasant experience if you should decide to go there to eat. We have gone there twice and enjoyed it immensely, and although one of our friends had a less than stellar experience; our other friend who has been there several times with his family, has had nothing but good things to say about KARENDERYA – just like us!

Very much Recommended.

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