Weekly NY Photo #1

Ken says…

Wherever we travel, the place we love the most is the place we live. There’s so much in New York that, as long as we’ve lived here (Me/Ken = 38 years, Gabby = her whole life!), there is still, everyday, so much yet to be discovered & experienced that we could never be tired of living here.

And that’s what prompted me to begin posting a picture each week that shows as many facets of New York as I/we can capture. It might not be the same day each week, but it WILL be each week!

So – this picture…

I took this shot as I was crossing 7th Avenue, on 34th St., on my way from B & H camera store to my bus back home, a day last month. The light was cool, the Empire State Building’s in the frame, the people on their way to wherever – it just ticked a lot of boxes in my mind. I could actually see the image I wanted, before I took the picture. I didn’t have a real camera with me, so this was taken on a Galaxy S7 Edge cellphone. I was editing it on the bus, using the Snapseed app (which I highly recommend), and might have posted it to IG before I even got home, if I remember right. All I did was convert to Black and White, straighten things up a smidge, adjust contrast/highlights/shadows, and crop to the final image.

Why do I mention all this?

-To show that anybody is capable of getting a decent picture without necessarily needing thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment or a too significant investment of time. Those things can certainly help, but they’re not always required.

Also – you can break the rules. You’re not supposed to shoot into the sun, you’re supposed to have everything level or upright, vivid colors are supposed to be the thing… yet, this picture flies in the face of all that conventional ‘wisdom’ and is still an effective shot!

All that having been said – get out there and take a picture of where YOU live!!

Go on – Just get out there!!

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