Coco & Cru – Bleecker St./Broadway, NYC🍽

The humans planned to dine at a particular spot which wasn’t open when they arrived. Could be because their day started at 6:30am with an early walk. They were just too early for lunch at 9am!
This area of Manhattan wasn’t familiar dining territory for them so they luckily happened upon this gem of a diner in their walk path – ‘COCO & CRU’ (Coco & – located on the northwest corner of Bleecker & Broadway.
Cutesy white picket fences add to the decor which is colorful and busy enough to keep you occupied while you wait for your server.
Did I say wait? Well they hardly waited at all. Service was on point, timely and quite pleasant.
The menu wasn’t stuffed with unnecessary filler items, which made it easy to select something of choice without flipping excess pages – RESULT!!!
Our Choices…
SHE: Avocado toast and fresh squeezed OJ

HE: Bacon, egg & cheese with an Old-fashioned (night-shift equivalent dinner-time beverage!)

The food was delicious. Presentation and appetite made it initially appealing.

Fresh, fresh, fresh!

Both dishes boasted a myriad of flavors from each individual item as well as the lightly placed dressings. A totally enjoyable meal at a reasonable price and amazing service… highly recommend!


**A quick addendum from Ken: Just to show HOW very good the food was, I just want to mention that the salad that accompanied my B.E.C. was really quite delicious….and I’m a person who absolutely despises salad, and greens in general!

Also, atop my B.E.C. sandwich was a sunny-side-up egg. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate runny yolks in my eggs, but I truly had no problem with this one as part of this wonderfully constructed sandwich. It just added into the overall enjoyability.

Finally, the Old-Fashioned – a standard drink I order to suss out the quality of an establishments bar – was excellent. Prepared with care, flavorful, fresh orange was used, and there was NO skimping on the alcohol content! Very nice.

I, for one, totally intend to revisit Coco & Cru, in the very, very near future! So – 4 thumbs up from the 2 of us Satisfied Sibling Diners!!




A huge THANKS to my sister for providing this Special Guest Review.

If so inclined, you can follow her social & travel doings over on Instagram – “beansie4life“, and Twitter – “MrsSelinaKing“.

Also – if you enjoyed this guest-review – please let us know via comment, and we’ll try to convince Beansie (and some other people we know…) to contribute again in the future!!

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