Black History Month Day 1 – Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why…

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Welcome to what will be a daily trip through the history of black achievements and people of note, during this month of February, in this year 2020.


It’s often pointed out that a single month is not sufficient to reflect and pay respect to a whole people’s history, but it’s also true that anything is better than nothing !

Currently – we discovered in the preparation of this set of 29 blog pieces – there are only 4 countries in the world with an official Black History Month – Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

There are a few other countries who have unofficial observations of the importance of black culture as it relates to the overall collective world culture.

Our mission across the next 29 days is to highlight some of the people, places, things that deserve to be remembered when discussing black people and their contributions to the world, both past and present.


We’ll try to step away from the obvious names and events and also, wherever possible, we’ll be trying to inject some local flavor into the proceedings – since New York has long been an important location in terms of American black history and cultural development.

Black History is not just Slavery and Jazz and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., although those are all very important subjects, people, and creations.

We have been kings, poets, philosophers, inventors, statesmen, explorers, and so many more things that get left out in the retelling of our history.


Why is this? Because, for many, many years the simple truth is that we were not the ones documenting or telling our history. As such, the proper truth could never be told, because those with the pens and the books and the maps didn’t always care to tell the truth about us because it rarely ever aligned with their own objectives. Remember – it wasn’t that long ago that blacks were considered to be property, and not people of any standing whatsoever.

Anyway, we’re in this bright, sparkling, new 21st century and things are generally much improved in the way the races interact with and regard each other, so…that’s good.

These 29 blog posts (well, technically – 28 – since this one is only an introduction to the series) are intended as celebration of the personalities, the people, their achievements, and their sacrifices that have propelled black people to ever better standing in world culture and ever greater heights within our own communities, although at times it has been a painful journey – and we’ll definitely touch on that aspect a few times too.

All that having been said – we hope you find that the next 28 days of blog posts provide you with fascinating, intriguing, and interesting nuggets of insight into how truly multi-faceted, unique, and wonderful Black History truly is.

Certainly, we hope you are sufficiently intrigued here and there to want to know more, and wherever we can, we’ll provide links where you can read much cleverer pieces, written by much cleverer people than us!

Thank you.