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On one of the rare weekends when I didn’t have to work, but Gabby did, I accepted our son Derrick’s (also known as DT) invitation to come out to New Jersey to check out the LEGO Brickfair at the Meadowlands Exposition Center.


Our son has had a lifelong addiction to LEGO and is really quite adept at conceptualizing, designing, then building LEGO creations. Just to prove it, here are a couple of throwback pictures of him when he was younger!

So, anyway, I had some fairly realistic expectations as to what I’d see when I got there, but I tell you – I was actually impressed by quite a few things.


Obviously, there were LEGO creations of all sorts, sizes, genres – no real surprise there. But the detail and scope of some of the layouts defies description! I’m not sure my cellphone photos & videos give a sufficient idea of what I’m saying, but let’s just say that some of these builders are pure artists.

Also impressive was the atmosphere. It was one of total inclusivity, friendliness, and there was a shared joy/fascination centered – obviously – on LEGO, in its many varied forms and manifestations.

Finally, I was blown away by the fact that this was an event for literally everybody. From grandparents to parents to children and grandchildren. All age groups. All races. Families and single visitors. Just – Everybody.


And everybody was happy to be there – whether displaying creations, showing custom layouts and pieces, walking around & perusing the aisles/tables, or competing in games for prizes.

I saw not one sour expression on anybody’s face the entire time I was there – just smiles!

It was quite powerful to see families come in groups to enjoy this event. Because – really – how many things do people of different generations enjoy together, or even simply share interest in, in this day and age?!

Just to humanize this post and add a little realness to it, I asked my son a few interview-type questions regarding this event, and here is how he responded…
1. What does participating in such an event mean to you personally?
DT: It means that I am not alone or the only LEGO enthusiast no matter what age.
2. What do you enjoy most about it?
DT: The environment is nothing short of a warm welcome and positive support.
3. What would you tell other people abot it that might make them want to attend?
DT: LEGO itself is not as great as the fans who enjoy, relish, and help make it grow. If you want to see what makes LEGO the phenomenon that it is, you should come out to a show nearest your area – a BRICKFEST, BRICKFAIR, or BRICKWORLD event to meet like-minded people.


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