UPDATE: A Few Changes…

Hello, Everyone!

Ken here – and that’s one of the first new things about our blog; I’ll be writing most posts going forward in the first-person. It’s just a much easier way to write, but please – rest assured – we BOTH collaborate on all posts to the blog!

This post is purely informational, so it’s 363 words, with ZERO pretty pictures or other window-dressing to accompany it …Next time, we promise !!

Obviously, with the interruption & necessary hardships and restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to yet resume our travels and other explorations, and so we can’t recount adventures that we’re simply unable to undertake for just a little while longer. This means we’ll just have to come up with other “stuff” to share with you all…and we’re working up a few ideas.

Another effect of us having to change up slightly the focus, style & direction of our blog, is that we’re considering the creation of a YouTube channel to present our thoughts on things in a bit of a different format – meaning camera stuff, tech stuff, travel stuff, and general vlogging on varied topics. Hopefully, there will be a natural synergy between the different mediums.
That’s the plan, anyway…

Not much more to add just now, except to mention that: should anybody wish to show some support for us in our blogging journey, please feel free to Buy Us A Coffee (or 2, or more !!), by using the cute link/button that looks like a coffee cup at the bottom of each post. It’ll help keep us fueled-up and primed to deliver more witty & interesting tales !!

(Actually, it would also really help with some of the the costs involved with keeping this blog alive)…

So – Thanks !

And that’s the state of our update…except to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who has read our stuff up to now and those who might choose to read us going forward…

Please know that we’ll be trying to get back to a more regular posting schedule in the weeks to come…and we hope to see you drop in and keep us company, as we move forward forward into 2021 !

Stay Safe.

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