So…. What exactly HAVE we been doing, lately??

Well – due to Covid – we certainly haven’t been traveling, that’s for sure!

Mostly, we’ve been keeping to ourselves, until it was safe to do otherwise.

But now, since we are both fully vaccinated (along with millions of others), we are looking to get out & enjoy Life once more.

To that end, we have started riding our bikes on a local trail…

We’ve had dinner at our favourite restaurant in White Plains, NY – ‘Kee Oyster House’…

We’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and had a semi-picnic in Prospect Park, Brooklyn…

And we’ve been out to Jones Beach, on Long Island…

But mostly, we’ve just been working and waiting for international travel restrictions & requirements to get sorted out, so that we can get to Barbados, and maybe back to Scotland again, as soon as possible!

The road back to normalcy is necessarily going to be tricky for the world to manage, but it’s entirely feasible that by this time next year (2022), we’ll be most of the way there.

…we hope!

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