New ventures….

This is something I should have been doing since years ago, but I’m my own worst critic and feeblest supporter.

I simply felt for many years that my photos were crap, no matter who complimented them. I didn’t think I had the right to offer them for sale and so I didn’t. Unfortunately.

But, with age comes better insight and appreciation of not just yourself and your abilities, but also of your worth.

So, even though it has taken WAY too long, I’m putting my stuff out there. I’ve set up a page at:

Now, it may be a tidy little earner or it may turn out to be a non-starter, but I’ll never know either way unless I give it a go. Even a single sale is a measure of success, in my book!

I’ve included a few examples of the photos I have for sale within this post, so you can see (and judge!) for yourself.

If anybody has any questions about setting up their own photo-sales site/page, I’ll do my best to answer.

Likewise, if you want information about earning money with your photographs through Microstock sales, I can probably help out there as well, since I’ve been doing Microstock sales for over 10 years (not very aggressively, and, therefore, not incredibly profitably!), and this is another area in which I intend to devote some (more?) effort.

It’s not travel, but it is “stuff I’m doing”, so it seemed worthy of posting about on this blog!

Until next time, please Stay Safe out there…

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