Bronx Zoo Outing – July 31st, 2021

Gabby says…

This week I decided I was sick of us staying in every weekend & we need to get out. Now please bear in mind that hubby works most weekends, so you already know who’s at fault for this escapade. Yes – Covid cases are back on the rise and obviously we’re directly seeing that rise since we work in Healthcare, but WHATEVER!

Let’s go to an outdoor venue and enjoy the day at the greatest of NYC adventures, THE BRONX ZOO on a Saturday.
For those of you who already know better – stop laughing! For those who don’t – keep reading…

We wisely booked an early gate-opening appointment at $40/ea., which I figured at that price might limit the crowds.
But, this is NYC and we’re all anxious to get back to “normal”, so the price wasn’t quite as prohibitive as I had hoped it would be – Strike 1.

I decided; let’s beat the crowd to the Monorail, but we’re in the Bronx Zoo and Hey, like any kid I get us distracted – Strike 2.

We finally get to the ride and the line is already long, but most daunting to me was the the lack of both masking and worse – social distancing.
Now I must repeat this is NYC where we normally don’t like to have too many folks in our personal space, believe it or not, under normal circumstances (bc: pickpockets and general summer NYC funkiness).

So I’m pretty grossed out, but Hey – this was my bright idea so we’ll stick it out.
Well, I lasted about 15 mins on a non-moving line. I start getting antsy and why you may ask. Well let me say this: We haven’t had a sniffle, sneeze, cough, runny nose or anything even related to a viral-like symptom in over 18 months and although I am fully vaccinated, I’m not willing to roll the dice on this one.
The last time we were sick, I managed to bring home a double dose of the flu, testing positive for both Flu-A AND Flu-B simultaneously, right after having just gotten my annual flu shot at work just 3 weeks prior. That was the worse illness period of our whole married life but, thankfully, it was not Covid.
So for those who haven’t been keeping up that line for the Monorail became Strike 3.

I feel naked out in the world with out a mask now, and until 80% of the population is vaccinated I’m going to keep wearing it.
I don’t know how everyone else feels but we rather enjoy not getting sick from anything even remotely preventable like a virus.
Wear the mask and stay further than arms length away at least. Free Healthcare for something preventable is not going to last much longer. Healthcare workers are exhausted and burning out and Hospitals are squandering resources unnecessarily treating new waves of Covid cases, at this point.

Ken says…

People (including/especially my wife!) have been itching to get back to their ‘normal’ lives & habits in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, but – with new variants popping up almost weekly – perhaps we’re not quite at that point just yet.

Case in point: We (She!) decided we’d to go to the Bronx Zoo last Saturday. We got opening time tickets online and thought we were golden.

Getting there presented no more than the usual difficulties involved with driving across the Bronx & we were in the Zoo in good time.

Signs warning people to keep a facemask on were all over the place. However – actual facemasks on actual faces mostly weren’t happening.
People walked in and removed their masks or walked in without a mask in sight at all. Scary shit.

Not to say that some people didn’t wear a facemask, but I’d put compliance at around 40%, and that might be being a bit generous.

As for the Bronx Zoo itself, it will always be a tremendous place to see a wonderful variety of captive wildlife. The weather was beautiful and it would’ve been a great day out if we weren’t Healthcare workers who knew, firsthand just how truly devastating a case of the Covid could be.

Basically, due to the increased lack of mask-wearing, and the inability (or unwillingness) of people to keep a decent distance, as the crowds got bigger, we got increasingly uncomfortable.

In the end, I’d estimate that we spent probably only 3 hours at the zoo that day, when before we’ve been known to spend the entire day.

It WAS good to do something ‘normal’, but it is still just way too soon for us.

We did still get to see most of the animals we went to see, and we got a few decent pictures which we hope you enjoy…

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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