Ken’s Recommended Camera Gear

This is for all those who ask what equipment I use – which actually does happen quite a bit, to be honest. These are the items I have arrived at after a few decades of buying everything new on the market as soon as it came out (when I had sufficient funds, obviously!). Now I buy only what I know I NEED. And the parameters for that judgement are much narrower nowadays than in my uninformed youth !! So, these are all items that I actually use, and see myself using for the next few years, at least. Yes – I DO recommend this gear, simply because I KNOW it works. I’ve created a Gear Page over at, and I’ll probably be updating this list whenever I get something new and noteworthy, so check back occasionally!

The links in the above product pictures will take you to a fuller list on, or to a direct purchase link. If a purchase is made through any of these affiliate links, we will earn a small commission – at no added cost to the buyer – and this will help us in the upkeep of this blog and to go in our piggy bank !!

Thank You.

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