Ford’s Lobster – Noank, Connecticut🍽

A Journey to a Lobster Roll oasis ?? Perhaps…

Gabby says…

Departure time: 1030am, with an eta of 2.15hr, according to our car’s sat-nav. Our actual arrival time ended up being 1pm.

First order of business get yourselves in the text queue to score a table…

First come first serve basis only here, folks – their website clearly prohibits call ahead queuing and/or reservations.
The parking lot attendant was most helpful upon arrival, suggesting that one of us pop out to get in the queue whilst the other seeks out free local parking.
So far so good staff-wise. 2nd order of business after 2.5 hrs in the car…a bathroom!!
Ever-efficient Ford’s; the facilities are in a stand-alone  building just by the parking lot and the lobster tanks.

While we were waiting to be seated, a lovely older lady (a fellow patron-in-waiting) even offered to take our picture for us – see below.

The seating we were given was slightly less than desirable – literally a wood plank counter style table top balanced on the pilings on the edge of the pier.

While the soft breeze and brilliant sunshine would have normally been most desirable for me, I was quite distracted by the potential sandal loss into the water below. I’ve only just started breaking in these Birkies!!

Now on to the waitstaff… attentive but they seemed sometimes overwhelmed. There was a 20-25 min wait for a table even for this Thursday lunch date. The menu is simple, but broad enough to suit most – but this, first and foremost, a lobster spot. No liquor served but the website does strongly recommend BYOB; as did our waitress. We ordered both the Bruschetta and Clams Casino for appetizers. the Bruschetta was served as a warm tomato compote on toasted bread with a balsamic glaze and a grated cheese. It was an interesting take. The clams were also an interesting take; a seasoned breadcrumb and cheese blend, topped with bacon.

All this cheese, bacon and shellfish, definitely & definitively makes Ford’s NOT a kosher joint!

Finally we come to the Lobster Roll, which can be ordered in a couple of variations, and either warm, (CT style), or cold (NE style). We both chose plain warm style, and again it was quite a tasty experience.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable meal and experience, but a torturous 2.5 hr ride. Aside from making it for myself… I would really have preferred somewhere a bit closer to home to get my near-to-last ‘lobster roll fix’ of the season.

And that’s saying a lot considering we’re the same pair who drove all the way to Baltimore for a lunchtime ‘crab fix’ a month ago!

Ken’s 2 cents…

I can certainly attest to the length of the drive, but when you want the best possible dining experience you gotta put in the work. 122 miles worth of work. Each way…

Anyway, we had beautiful weather, which was good, since Ford’s is pretty much outdoor-dining only. There is some shade in the main area adjacent to the meal-prep station, but otherwise you’re open to the elements.

Frankly, I enjoyed the time we spent there, and not just the excellent food – I also enjoyed the all too rare chance to just totally disengage with regular Life and just chill out.

Speaking of the food – it was all excellent, well-prepared/presented, and very tasty. I think I ate most of the Bruschetta, and I KNOW I ate the majority of the Clams Casino! Gabby drank her bottle of water, while I had a can of Sprite (with a desperately needed cup of ice!). I think a nice ale or chardonnay would’ve taken our meal to the next level, and while Ford’s has a BYOB policy, I had to drive another 100+ miles soon after lunch was done, so I didn’t want to be at all impaired.

But with the lovely weather, great views, and a very enjoyable lunch, I was in a ‘Happy Place’, and in no real rush to get back on the road home.

The Connecticut-style Lobster Roll served at Ford’s is a quarter-pound of fresh picked hot lobster on a warm split roll, generously drizzled with melted butter. It came with potato chips and coleslaw on the side, and it was all just very good!

As my lovely Better-Half said above; I also would’ve preferred to get this treat of a meal somewhere closer to home, but you just can’t. Suburban NYC isn’t strong on quality fresh seafood. Yes – there ARE places, like our beloved Kee Oyster House, in White Plains, but not too many others really stand out (or, we just haven’t found them yet!).

All in all, a great day out – even if it was just a long drive to get lunch – and I’ll never be able to fully enjoy a cold Lobster Roll again – I’m a convert to the Connecticut-style warm Lobster Rolls from now on !!

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