New York Botanical Gardens|September 2021

In the waning days of September – trying to come up with things we could do outdoors, while still enjoying the benefits of social-distancing – we came up with the notion of visiting the New York Botanical Gardens.
Surely, this would be a better experience than we had at the Bronx Zoo a couple of weeks back…right?

Well, we’re happy to say that it was indeed a much better time than we had at the Zoo. So good, in fact, that we went 2 days in a row…

The second day we went was the very next day – the Wednesday – the day when it’s Free Admission. Coincidentally, this was also the regular day when there was a small Farmer’s Market, which was the primary reason for coming back the next day. There was some interesting fare to be purchased at the stalls, and Gabby got a few items, stashed them in the car, and we strolled around the gardens again, but we didn’t put in quite as many steps as the day before!

Gabby took these wonderful pictures of some pumpkins that were being readied for some sort of Fall-themed decoration or display…

But, it was on the first day we went – the Tuesday – that we enjoyed ourselves the most.
We took along a little picnic in our rather nice picnic basket and intended to fully enjoy the greenery, the flowers, and the art installations by Yayoi Kusama (ends Oct. 31st), but actually it ended up being enjoyable in other ways too.

It was the first time in over 10 years that we had been to the NY Botanical Gardens – which was waaaay too long!

So we had our little picnic in the shade-providing Clay Family Picnic Pavilions, just past the Wetland Trail, near to the Discovery Center.
This was our first time using the picnic basket and it was fun, despite being a little unwieldy for too long a walk. So we ate first, then returned the basket to the car, so we could both freely enjoy the rest of the day.

The history of the Gardens is freely available online, so I won’t get into that here, but you honestly feel like you’ve stepped into a whole other county, or even country, when you start wandering the grounds in earnest.

For those who need it (and we did, eventually!) there is a tram that runs a route around the Gardens roughly every 20 minutes.
There is so much to see and enjoy that you really can’t get to everything in a single day.

When we decided to make our way over to the Edible Academy and the Rockefeller Rose Garden, we ended up retracing the steps of Gabby when she was a kid growing up in the Bronx…

Seems that, in the summertime, when school was out, when she and her friends weren’t hopping on the train out to Brighton Beach/Coney Island; they would spend time in the Botanic Gardens, with one of their favorite spots being at the Waterfall.

The Bronx River cuts through the Gardens and the Waterfall is a wonderful spot to enjoy.

It was a treat for me to learn something new about my wife’s life before we met, and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed the literal walk along memory lane. This was what I’ll remember always now about the Botanical Gardens – my wife sharing stories of her youth with me in the very place where those memories were created – very special, indeed.

Anyway, we’re older now, so there wasn’t too much gas left in our respective tanks by the time we reached the Rose Garden, so we took the tram back to the main entrance area, visited the gift shop, then made our way home, with much more than 10,000 steps for the day!

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