Fantastic Filipino Food at KARENDERYA RESTAURANT in NYACK, NY 🍽

This was one of those serendipitous discoveries that you just don’t get enough of in life. We were on a weekend getaway in Nyack, NY, and whilst out walking around – taking in the ambiance, like – we found ourselves inhaling some rather glorious food aromas from a little corner restaurant on Main Street – […]

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Memories of Grapevine, Texas by GABBY

Let me start by saying Texas is very flat. I had no idea! While I don’t actually come from the great back-hills of NYC, this place made the Bronx feel like high mountain country! I also found out that the air/ environment is quite dry…so don’t let TSA take your skin care products — keep […]

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2018 Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest

Saturday, Sept. 8th, we went (for our third time) to this upstate NY event. This year, unlike our previous visits, we went with a more methodical approach to the venture. 1. We would be VERY selective with regards to any & all purchases made 2. We would take empty backpacks for our purchases, to negate […]

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