Meet Us

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” – Ernest Hemingway

This is where we tell you who we are, so you can gain some insight into where we’re coming from – both in Life, and in our blog efforts.


We are Ken & Gabby, obviously, and we’ve been married since 1990 (You do the math!), and have 2 wonderful, smart 20-something year-old kids, who will do great things in the world.

But being parents often means sacrificing things in order to be the best parent you can. In our case, we put a hold on a lot of recreational activities, so that we could focus on our family’s overall well-being. No regrets. None whatsoever.

However, we now find ourselves in our Fifties with a lot more time for Us, and with somewhat more funds available to enjoy whatever pursuits, activities, events, travel, or whatever it is we feel like doing.

We have always been incredibly comfortable with each other – we share a lot of similar interests, views, humour, etc., and what doesn’t match 100% still manages to find some level of overlap, so that we are pretty much always on, or close to being on, the same page.

All the above being said, we feel like we’re in a position to offer up some real-life stories about the world out there as we travel through it. Hopefully, we can offer up some useful info/advice that others might benefit from along the way…and, since nothing is free in life – especially running a blog, we will be including affiliate links to things we recommend in some of our posts, and if you use said links, then it will (hopefully!) generate a few pennies to help us keep this going. And we thank you profusely, in advance!

So, that’s a general overview of Us. But, we thought we’d do our own little individual introductions, also…


About me I’m a 50yr old, epicurean, bargain-loving black woman from the Boogie Down. I long to see as much of this planet as safely and as far as money allows.


I’ve been married to an amusing, sarcastic, smart-as-f*ck Brit for over 25 years. We’ve got 2 amazing and amusing kids. Hopefully, this blog will show I’m very much a city girl but oddly not ‘blingly’. Recent discoverer of wines – someone who’s willing to learn about the nuances of finer bottles, but usually I drink & buy just according to what tastes good to me.


I had no idea how to write an introduction for myself, so I creatively (lazily!) crowd-sourced it by soliciting words from my co-workers that they felt best summed me up and these are the words they gave me:

Spontaneous, Pushy, Blunt, Charismatic, Honest, Sarcastic, Witty, Jolly & Great

These words that purport to describe me were extracted from some of the few coworkers I actually speak to and nobody was harmed permanently during this poll.


Oh yeah – I’m into: my wife, my family, photography, movies, whisky, bike-riding, and travel.