Edinburgh, August 2018 – Pt. 3 of 3 – Days 7 thru 10

YES!! We’re back with the 3rd and final post detailing our incredible trip to Edinburgh, Scotland (or, “EDEN-BERG“, as one friend insists on saying it!!) in August of last year. Life (and various uncooperative WordPress update features!) has been getting in the way of a more regular blogging schedule, and for that we apologize, but […]

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Edinburgh – August 2018 pt.2/3

We know what you’re thinking. 3 days spent in the very capital of Scotland already, and not a word about kilts, haggis, castles, tartan, or Loch Ness, right? (If you missed it, or just need a recap, you can jump over to Part 1, here.) Well, it’s not like we weren’t seeing any of those […]

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2018 Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest

Saturday, Sept. 8th, we went (for our third time) to this upstate NY event. This year, unlike our previous visits, we went with a more methodical approach to the venture. 1. We would be VERY selective with regards to any & all purchases made 2. We would take empty backpacks for our purchases, to negate […]

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