Weekly NY Photo #5

The David N. Dinkins Manhattan Municipal Building at 1 Centre Street. Built between 1907 & 1914, this magnificent building at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, on the Manhattan side, is named after NYC’s only black mayor, David Dinkins (1990-1993). Not the best mayor perhaps, but definitely not the worst we’ve ever had. Advertisements

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Weekly NY Photo #4

Ken says… May 31st, 2019, my sister and I took a Photowalk from Borough Hall, Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge, up through Chinatown, and meandering up to 14th Street. This is one shot from my sister’s phone of us on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Sun was shining, sky was blue, and the […]

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Weekly NY Photo #1

Ken says… Wherever we travel, the place we love the most is the place we live. There’s so much in New York that, as long as we’ve lived here (Me/Ken = 38 years, Gabby = her whole life!), there is still, everyday, so much yet to be discovered & experienced that we could never be […]

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